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Spring Forward

If ever there was a winter where we needed even the smallest sign of spring, it’s the current one. We’ve been buried with 40” of snow, endured the polar vortex, woke up to -30º temps, and battled unmentionable wind chills. Let’s get this warming season started with a couple of bright, cheery drinks that will lift even the wintry-est of attitudes. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself taking a warm-day stroll in need of a seasonal sip, and our shops will be there for you with these fine offerings!

Top Banana

Roman Holiday

A Whole New World

Top Banana

When spring is good in our neck of the woods, it’s a sight to behold. But on days when the snow decides to surprise us again, or when the mercury dips into digits that bring shivers, we’ll look to our Top Banana for comfort and guidance to get through. The Top Banana reigns over spring as a superior steamer that starts with fresh banana honey syrup and oat milk. Served hot and frothy, it’s punctuated with a wisp of chocolate and cinnamon that will transport you back in time to your Grandmother’s oven as you snag a piece of still-moist banana bread and are wrapped up in the comforting arms of gooey, delicious heaven. After tasting this drink, you might want to make your breakfast a two-handed affair by paring an 8 oz Top Banana with an 8 oz drip coffee for $5!

A Whole New World

Springtime in Minnesota can be a little topsy turvy; like a ride through the desert on a magic carpet. But our coffee shop team chose to fix their eyes on a ‘new horizon to pursue’. That new horizon is springtime, which means a whole new world in Minnesota underneath the feet of snow. Unbelievable sights like green grass and flower blooms are soon to come so we’ve concocted an iced drink that brings those lovely greens and floralness to life. Iced Jasmine Pearl Green Tea from Rishi brings a pleasant earthy base and a splash of house-made vanilla syrup offers delicate sweetness while oat milk gives the drink depth and the refreshing smoothness of the first 60-degree day walk around the lake.

Roman Holiday

Back for another year is our signature drink of spring at Peace Coffee, the Roman Holiday. An expertly extracted shot of espresso muddled with candied lemon zest shaken with ice and cream. Served up in a cocktail glass, it drinks like a Sunday drive down the western coast of Italy in full bloom. Simple and silky smooth with a surprising twist of citrus, there’s a good reason this drink keeps showing up on our spring menu.

We hope you’ll stop into one of our coffee shop locations through May to try these sparkly delights!

Savor Springtime with Pollinator Blend

Our spring seasonal coffee is perfect for garden planning and trips to the greenhouse!

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Published by Peace Coffee on March 1, 2019.

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