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Our City Is Hurting

For almost 25 years, Peace Coffee has been roasting coffee with love in the heart of Minneapolis. Our roastery and our flagship coffee shop are both two blocks from the main artery of our community, Lake Street. It connects our residents from Bde Maka Ska to the Mississippi River and is a treasure. This stretch of the city has innumerable small, independent businesses as well as big-box retailers that provide essential items and services to the area. It’s where countless nonprofit and community organizations hold space to listen to, gain insight on, and provide for our community. It’s also the location of the third precinct police station, where the officers involved in the killing of George Floyd report. Since Tuesday night, emotions and actions have overflowed, and spilled over into the businesses and properties along Lake Street and beyond. With multiple fires, irreparable damage to property, theft, and also injuries incited by rubber bullets, tear gas, and physical violence, we are simply at a loss. 

But Still Love Remains

Despite the hardships and time it will take to repair businesses throughout the area, many shop owners have stressed that they can replace things, but not human lives. Ingebretsen’s, a 99-year-old business located on Lake Street, is a welcome example of how compassion and love usurp hate and injustice, as they boarded up their broken windows and painted MLK Quotes and hearts on their exterior. Also, community members are assisting with the cleanup efforts. Spread the love or help businesses along Lake Street clean up.

Act For Lake Street

Gone But Not Forgotten

There have been many peaceful acts of demonstrations on our streets calling for justice. People are marching together, building memorials and painting murals to honor George Floyd, and donating to organizations working to dismantle racism and to support Floyd’s family and loved ones. First and foremost, use your voice to help seek justice for George. If you are able, consider giving to organizations on the ground that need our help.

A Call For Justice

We ask you to keep our city, its businesses, and its people in your thoughts as we try to navigate a situation that is part of a systematic issue around relations to power, race, and inequality. All things which matter deeply to Peace Coffee because the heart of the fair trade coffee we sell is a hope that we can do things differently and change the narrative when it comes to equality and justice for all.

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Published by Peace Coffee on May 29, 2020.

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