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A 40,000 Pound Milestone

Yesterday, with much fanfare and hard work, we received a 40,000 pound cargo container of Guatemalan coffee beans. While we receive deliveries as large as this every few weeks, this container was shipped directly from Apecaform Coffee Cooperative in Guatemala right to our roastery door, bypassing other stops along the way.

The coffee was harvested in late spring, put into 275 bags, each weighing over 150 pounds, and packed into a shipping container. The container went by truck to Puerto Barrios, where it was loaded onto a ship for a journey to New York. In New York, it cleared customs and was transferred onto a train to Minneapolis, where it was delivered to our roastery doors by truck. Unloading was an all-hands-on deck situation and took most of the morning.

This container is significant to us not only because it came from our longest standing trading partner, but it is also our first direct whole container purchase since the first shipment from Mexico that got us started in 1996. That initial similar-sized purchase, took over 9 months to sell. Now 40,000 pounds represents a small fraction of what we will buy in 2016.

We couldn’t imagine a better way kick off our 20th year year in business then by honoring our mission to continually buy more coffee from small scale farmers at fair prices. Having already traveled thousands of miles from Guatemala, these beans will soon be will be roasted and sent out, some by bicycle, to stores and coffee shops in the Twin Cities and beyond. Share in this milestone with us, pick up a bag of Guatemalan Dark Roast completing the coffee’s journey from farm to mug.

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Published by Peace Coffee on August 9, 2016.

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