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Creating Community in a New World

The Lee & Kevin show brings together two Minneapolis neighbors poised to spread joy and inspiration through storytelling and performance in the new virtual world! Join us weekly as we chat with local artists, business owners, musicians, or visionaries about how our new normal gives us the great opportunity to look at what was and wonder what it could be.

About Lee and Kevin

Lee Wallace is the Owner and Queen Bean of Peace Coffee, her dogs Ruby and Felix were part of the inspiration for this show!

Kevin Kling is a well-known playwright, storyteller, and also Lee’s neighbor. His dog, Louie, is BFF and wrestling partner with Lee’s pups.

Introduction: Through the Looking Fence

Lee and Kevin share how a hole in their shared fence, a Hee-Haw reenactment, and years of friendship sparked an idea to explore new ways to provide an outlet for artists and entrepreneurs around their community.

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Episode 1: Black Hart of St. Paul

Lee and Kevin go to the Black Hart of Saint Paul, a queer soccer bar on University Ave near the new Allianz Field, for curbside drag, cheese curds, and conversation with the owner, Wes Burdine, about his work to redefine a young establishment.

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Episode 2: Prudence Johnson & Dan Chouinard

Lee & Kevin welcome local musicians, Prudence Johnson and Dan Chouinard, for a chat about art and performance in today’s world and also a virtual performance of “When The Sun Comes Out” by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler.

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Episode 3: Leonard Searcy at the George Floyd Memorial

On a special edition of The Lee & Kevin Show, we walk through the intersection of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue with Leonard Searcy, a local writer and actor, to talk about the stark images that have sprung up out of the grief and struggle of our community. Art has power in the midst of chaos, and this is a beautiful example.

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Episode 4: The Sioux Chef

Lee and Kevin virtually sit down with Sean Sherman, The Sioux Chef, and talk about his mission to highlight indigenous food systems and help native families reclaim their traditions. The Sioux Chef is preparing 400+ free meals a day as part of the Minnesota Central Kitchen. To learn more about the upcoming Indigenous Food Lab and support this work go to

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Published by Peace Coffee on May 19, 2020.

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