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the organic magic of moses

Ever since Peace Coffee started donating coffee to the Midwest Organic Farming Conference, I’ve been making the annual pilgrimage during the snowiest month of the year from the Twin Cities to LaCrosse, WI to caffeinate over 3,000 organic farmers from around the country. They come together each year to share best practices, swap stories, learn from experts, catch up with old friends and even find time for some square dancing too!

This year is particularly special to me as it marks my 10th anniversary attending. I was starstruck my first year when one of my sheroes, Dr. Vandana Shiva, the Indian author, ecofeminist and social activist was the keynote speaker. She warned the audience that “if we don’t build a movement today to protect seeds and reclaim farmer’s rights, that in our lifetime we will witness the total disappearance of biodiversity from our farms, of small farmers, and the end of real food and our food freedom.”

hungry, naked, & sober

On the drive down to the conference this year we passed a farm near Zumbrota, MN with a large sign in their field that read, “Without farming, you would be hungry, naked and sober!”  A decade later as I listen to keynotes from trailblazing legacy farmers, like George Siemon the reluctant CEO of Organic Valley, and young passionate new farmers like Dayna Burtness Nguyen of Nettle Valley Farm, they have a different message but the sentiment remains the same: there is a lot of work ahead to keep our world healthy, diverse and beautiful. And by caffeinating and listening to this group of organic farmers and advocates year after year, I have been able to see firsthand that progress is being made, the tables are turning, and the face of farming is changing. I’m grateful that Peace Coffee is invested in helping coffee farmers take care of their land by farming organically but also rooted locally, showing support for organic farming in our own backyard.

Radish Photo Credit: Sogn Valley Farm

Photo of Melanee Meegan

Published by Melanee Meegan on February 23, 2019.

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