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Fulton's 'War & Peace' Coffee Stout

Minnesota winters build character. So do imperial stouts. Add dark roasted coffee beans to the mix, and you get a winter sipper worthy enough for even the heartiest Minnesotan.

Imperial Stout infused with coffee beans? Yes, please.

Many years ago our friends at Fulton Brewery asked for a coffee recommendation to add to their winter seasonal, The Worthy Adversary. Our head roaster suggested our flagship coffee, a smooth, dark roasted Guatemalan bean with a rich cocoa and toasted walnut finish. Fulton infused the beer with whole coffee beans for four days. We were both pleased with the results — the coffee was a perfect enhancement to this rich and creamy stout.

The name “War and Peace” was inspired by Tolstoy’s classic novel.  Since they were infusing a Russian Imperial Stout with our coffee, it seemed like a fitting name. Later, they found out that “Fulton” actually means “war” in Gaelic. And if you want to get philosophical, you could say it’s how we feel about Minnesota winters – we’re at war with the cold in the midst of a serenely peaceful snowy landscape.

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Published by Peace Coffee on February 12, 2016.

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