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Another Day on Earth

Though we aren’t able to gather, rally, lobby, or host benefit concerts this Earth Day, we can still make a huge impact! Join us as we share some ways to embrace Earth Day through supporting agroforestry, learning about the power of trees, and noticing the nature of current events.

Still Hard at Work

Whether you’ve settled into a new work-from-home schedule or you’re an essential worker still going about your normal routine, this Earth Day we’re mindful of all the ways that global society has stepped up to take care of its most vulnerable. Our hearts have been on our local community in Minneapolis, along with our coffee farmer-partners spread around the planet, and we’re grateful to share some of the ways we can all reach across the digital space and continue to help curb the effects of climate change.

A Partnership with a Lasting Effect

Grow Ahead is a nonprofit that focuses on direct partnerships with small-scale farmers to promote sustainability and resilience in the face of many factors. We’re proud to launch a longterm partnership with them to help support their efforts to plant trees of all types on farmlands in developing countries. Each purchase of Tree Hugger will plant one tree, or you can donate directly to their cause to increase your tree gift tenfold!

Planting Roots in Farming Communities

Revisiting Your Roots

We can learn a lot from the natural world, and trees are one of nature’s greatest teachers. Not only do trees hold years of climate knowledge inside their bark, vast networks of roots, like invisible IV tubes, help trees care for each other in ways that astound biologists to this day. We’ve compiled a list of favorite tree-teaching reads from our friends at Moon Palace Books, they’re shipping across the US and would love your support!

Inspired Reading for All Ages

On Learnings While Distanced

You might have come across tweets or memes stating that our planet is healing during this cosmic pause, and while that might not be entirely true, we hope you’ve had some observations about how things used to be. There’s no doubt that lessening nonessential trips, shopping more intentionally, or getting out into nature and hugging trees as often as possible can have a lasting impact for life on earth.

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Published by Peace Coffee on April 21, 2020.

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