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Fundraising Made Easy…And Delicious!

Peace Coffee fundraiser sales offer a chance to boost your resources and support our wonderful farmer partners at the same time. They’re easy to coordinate, too. Simply gather orders from your community using an order form. Then, compile the orders and submit them to for quick service!

Curious about what kind of profit to expect from your Peace Coffee fundraiser sale?
You can make $1,200 by selling 200 12oz bags or $750 by selling 50 of our gift bundles.

Download our coffee fundraising catalog and order form below, and contact us at or 612-870-3440 to help you begin coordinating your fundraiser today!

Download Fundraising Catalog

Download Order Form

Tips for Successful Fundraising

REACH: Spread the word using social media, flyers, emails, letters, etc.

REFINE: Stick to a 2-3 week buying period to maintain urgency

REWARD: Create group and individual goals & create incentives for reaching those goals

A Few Of Our Top Sellers

guatemala dark roast organic coffee bag


Rich & Chocolaty
bag of fair trade light roast coffee

Morning Glory

Lush & Uplifting
bag of fair trade dark roast coffee

Twin Cities

Smooth & Inviting