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Triunfo Verde

Triunfo Verde, S.C. is a cooperative organization comprised of over 500 organized small farmers, dedicated to organic farm practices in the buffer zone surrounding the El Triunfo biological reserve. Through ecologically friendly practices, they seek to foment conservation, offsetting land and resource degradation in the area and promoting the recovery of natural resources and local biodiversity. Its mission is to improve member livelihoods through the sale of high-quality organic coffee in markets that value and rewards the effort behind growing an ecologically friendly product at a fair price.

As environmental stewards, Triunfo Verde seeks that members of the organization remain actively engaged in a process of environmental education. Through their technical and agronomic accompaniment, farmers receive the necessary training and education to develop farmer households into productive campesino enterprises, capable of generating sustainable economic development in communities.

All operations of their business, from the collection and commercialization of coffee, to technical assistance, financial and productive assistance, community development, and product diversification, are managed inclusively and democratically. They advocate for gender and racial equality and religious freedom as founding principles of this cooperative.

Ultimately, the mission of the organization is to develop and demonstrate that agriculture can be compatible with rational resource use, promoting community social and economic development of underserved communities. Their goal is to improve humankind’s relationship to nature through feasible and ecologically sound means, with social justice at its core.

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