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Norandino – Coop Condorcanqui

For the past few years, Peace Coffee has been working with Norandino to resuscitate the traditional natural process coffees of the Canchaque region of northern Piura. That process saw the first successful fruits of Norandino during the 2012 harvest. That’s when the farmers around Coyona produced three small lots of natural process coffee.

“Prior to 1990, nearly 100% of Sierra Piurana coffee was natural process” says Norandino manager Santiago Paz. “This Canchaque coffee was famous worldwide for its special flavor profile.” The producers themselves say, recovering the Cafe Canchaque is both sentimental and a smart marketing move, creating a unique niche and distinguishing the region as one of the only producers of high-quality, unwashed coffees in all of Peru. Characterized by its consistently sweet blend of tropical fruit and caramel flavors, full body and cocoa finish, this very special prep coffee has flourished and brought consistency in quality year over year.

Fair trade coffee from Norandino

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