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Fero Cooperative

Located in Wonsho Woreda in Southern Ethiopia, the Fero Coop joined the Sidama Cooperative Farmers Coffee Union (SCFCU) in 2005. They are their largest and most productive member and act as leader in the region in water conservation and composting. They have also won many awards for the cup quality of their coffee.

In 2014 filmmakers from The Perennial Plate accompanied us on a trip to meet with members of SCFCU. The result is this short film that takes you through the heart of the coffee lands in Sidama. Listen closely to hear the Amharic word for coffee, buna, repeated over and over in a beautiful tribute to the role of coffee and cooperatives in the farmers’ lives.

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Fair trade coffee from Fero Cooperative

Blue Ox

Hearty & Reliable

Black Squirrel Espresso

Swift & Caramelly


Vibrant & Citrusy

Morning Glory

Lush & Uplifting

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