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COSURCA – Coopertiva Del Sur Del Cauca

COSURCA is a secondary-level cooperative currently comprised of eleven producer associations, one cooperative, and three territorial entities or municipalities from the Southern Colombian Macizo mountains in the center and south of the region of Cauca.

Since its inception, COSURCA has followed seven core values: Solidarity, Cooperation, Responsibility, Honesty, Hard work, Social Engagement, and Respect for individuals and Nature.

Currently, COSURCA is providing accompaniment and support in the technical, organizational, commercial, political, and judicial development of 1500 small farmer families, with an emphasis on organic and fair trade coffee production, food security, and self-sufficiency for communities through the production of staple crops, as well as the production and commercialization of tropical fruits for pulp and juices. COSURCA exports fair trade coffee to small and medium wholesale coffee roasters but also manages its own line of wholesale roasted coffee for the domestic market. As a fundamental tenet of its philosophy of economic development, COSURCA strives to be as inclusive as possible by engaging ethnic minority groups and women in the different projects it implements in its communities.

Fair trade coffee from COSURCA

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