CENFROCAFE – Central Fronteriza del Norte de Cafetaleros

Located in the high jungle of northern Peru, CENFROCAFE farmers take pride in their organic practices with a strong emphasis on the preparation of compost with coffee pulp, best use of other organic waste and reproduction of microorganism mixtures.

From technical assistance and quality control workshops for their farmers, to economic and leadership training for the young people in their rural communities, CENFROCAFE works not only to support the commercial endeavors of its members – but also to facilitate the development of their communities as a whole.

Fair trade coffee from CENFROCAFE

Yeti Cold Press Blend

caramel & dark chocolate


milk chocolate & apricot jam

Birchwood Blend

bittersweet chocolate & honey

Twin Cities Blend

toasted almonds & caramel
Wonderland Park Light Roast Organic espresso bag

Wonderland Park Espresso

blackberry & nougat

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