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Manos Campesinas – Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Café Manos Campesinas

Manos Campesinas is located in the western highlands of Guatemala, near the southern border of Mexico, and about 70 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The volcanic soil, altitude, and tropical climate provide ideal conditions for growing delicious coffee in harmony with the land.

We’ve been proudly roasting their coffee since 2000, representing our longest trading partnership. It’s a valuable relationship that reflects our commitment to working with farmer cooperatives intentionally, fostering trust over time. We have seen their coffee quality consistently increase every year!

Organized as a secondary level organization, the cooperative developed direct export channels for a founding group of 6 farmer associations. Today, Manos Campesinas is comprised of 11 cooperative groups across the departments of San Marcos, Quetzaltenango, Sololá, and Chimaltenango, and it represents over 1,200 farming families.

Manos Campesinas strives to maximize the benefit of its activities by offering the highest return and best prices to member farmers, investing most of the profits in technical support. The association works with a small, core administrative staff as well as a strong technical department working closely with farmers on the field.

Manos Campesinas is fiercely independent and proud of its self-sustaining and financially responsible business model.

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The farmers that make up this coop span 17 different small communities throughout the mountainous region surrounding San Marcos. They are connected through the work of the umbrella organization, Manos Campesinas. Among other things, Manos Campesinas works with farmers to implement quality control processes as well as logistics for harvest, processing, and export. Their work has increased profits and brought focus on preparing for the future.

Fair trade coffee from Manos Campesinas

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