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Training & Tours

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At Peace Coffee, we delight in the details of roasting and brewing great coffees with precision and care. We spend hours refining our skills, studying and testing new methods, and honing time-honored ones to bring our customers amazing quality and useful resources. We want to share our coffee wizardry with you! Check out our options for classes and tours below, and we hope to see you at one soon! 

Roastery Tours
Toasted almonds and bergamot. Strawberry jam and rye toast. We invite you to come learn about our roasting and production process to get an inside view on how we bring these flavors to your coffee cup every morning. Take part in our formal cupping process and see if you can taste these delicate flavors after learning our secrets. Caffeination included. 

Mastering Coffee at Home Classes
What exactly does it mean to have a “strong” cup of coffee? If your brew tastes bitter, how do you fix it? This class will focus on answering these questions and exploring the variables to make the cups you brew at home delicious, regardless of your favorite brewing method.  

Barista Labs
These classes are geared toward our wholesale partners who want to take their commitment to coffee to the next level. Learn the ins and outs of growing and processing coffee, brewing the perfect cup in your café, pulling excellent espresso shots, and how to build espreso-based coffee drinks. All of this in a small group, hands-on environment with our Head Barista. Open to the public as well, if you're wanting to take your coffee knowledge to ninja status.

Have you made a choice? Find a date that works for you here.

If you're interested in setting up a private class, a coffee cupping, a tour of our roastery, or simply have a coffee conundrum you'd like our help with give us a call at 612.870.3440 or email us here.


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