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CENFROCAFE--Central Fronteriza del Norte de Cafetaleros

San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru



CENFROCAFE--Central Fronteriza del Norte de Cafetaleros Image

Date Established


Active Members


Average Farm Size

2-8 hectares

Coffee Varieties

Arabica (Catura and Pache, a mutation of Typica)


1,300 to 1,800 meters above sea level

Harvest Time


"Lucia's farm is eight hectares, about the size of fifteen American football fields including the end zones. Of those eight hectares, three are planted with coffee trees, all of the species Arabica, the majority of which are the varietals Catura and Pache, a mutation of Typica.  

In this area of Peru, the harvest begins in May and continues until September. There are certain micro-climates where you will see plants that have ripe cherries and flowers on the same branch of the tree. While we did see some of this on Lucia's farm, they were for the most part at the beginning of their harvest." 

-Keith Tomlinson, Peace Coffee Curator of Coffee

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