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Bringing the coffee on the grocery store shelf to life since 2010, our coffee shop team prides itself in creating space for you to enjoy coffee in new and exciting ways! We never skimp on ingredients or methods, which is why we make our own syrups in house with organic ingredients and use fresh milk from Autumnwood Dairy in nearby Forest Lake, MN. With a dedicated team of skilled baristas that will accompany you on every step of your coffee journey, we think our offerings are top notch!

spring drink specials

A Whole New World

Unbelievable sights like green grass after 6 months of snow, A Whole New World is an iced Jasmine Pearl green tea latte with house-made vanilla syrup and oat milk.

what's brewing at our shops

Blue Ox Blend

dark chocolate & peanuts

Sumatran Italian Roast

dark chocolate & black pepper

Decaf Full City Roast

milk chocolate & golden raisin


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