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Winter Cheer is here

Winter Cheer is here Image

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

This winter, we're committed to keeping you warm and full of good cheer, no matter how frozen and bleak the landscape outside. Our coffee shops winter drink lineup features all the best of the season's flavors—stop by and find your favorite!

Our shops are strategically located around town so wherever you're out and about this holiday season, we've got you covered: Downtown Mpls, way down south near Richfield, or in the heart of midtown.

Heat Miser

Our “Heat Miser” lives up to the promises, or threats, depending on your perspective, of its namesake, “Whatever I touch starts to melt in my clutch,” sings the Heat Miser in the 1970s claymation seasonal feature. We promise that this drink will melt the ice from your gloves and thaw the coldest toes. Take our darkest, most moody cocoa (we're paying tribute to Elliot Smith's first band here too), add a little cinnamon, a raucous riff of chipotle chiles, and a dash of cardamom. Put it together, and it's the perfect antidote to the winter blues, guaranteed to melt the icicles and warm you through and through.


Our Rosebud latte pays tribute to the bittersweet nostalgia that comes along with the season, brought on by holidays, or too many old movie marathons to pass the dark days. “Rosebud,” the final word of Orson Welles' hero in Citizen Kane, the memory of his childhood sled, and long-gone innocent joys. Think on your own favorite memories gone by and wishes for the New Year, while you sip the on this sweet and savory latte imbued with housemade rosemary and fresh tumeric syrup. (Get the recipe here.)

Fireside Chat and Noggy & Nice

We're also bringing back some classics of seasons past—enjoy the Fireside Chat, a classic Americano, doctored up with cloves and essence of orange. And by popular demand we're offering the Noggy & Nice all of December. 'Tis the season to indugle in a shot of espresso paired with an eggnog chaser. Come by for your annual indulgence, or to meet your new favorite treat.


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