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The Alchemy Series

The Alchemy Series Image

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Alchemy Series draws its inspiration straight from the origins of science. Alchemy connotes a discipline that is equal parts craft and scientific method. Trade a warehouse for a medieval tower, a roaster for a crucible, and our roasters have a lot in common with alchemists of old. Each batch is carefully tended, tracking time vs. temperature, tasting for terroir and technique. When the roaster's craft perfectly marries the nuances of the beans origins, the result is a delicious cup of black gold.

The process repeats itself every time you brew a cup: the perfect proportions of beans and water with just the right grind will unlock all the secret elements of the source and the mission of the roasters.

New experiments will be added to the series regularly as our roasters continue to be inspired by fresh lots of coffee. In depth cupping notes, behind-the-scenes peeks at process, and new ways to interact allow you to experience the craft in your cup as never before.

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