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Team Jackson

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Barista Championships are a competition that's part Olympic spectacle, part dog show, and all crazy, caffeinated fun. Each competitor is timed while he or she prepares a flight of espresso beverages for a panel of judges. Each aspect of the preparation is scored, from hospitality to cleanliness, and, of course, the quality of the final beverage. The grand finale is a signature beverage that each barista dreams up to showcase their favorite coffee in a unique way.

Jackson's signature drink connects his own history with the story of the coffee he'll be using, a bean from the Asociación Chajulense in Guatemala. He and Head Roaster Derek have been spending hours in the lab collaborating on the right roast profile for a special single-origin shot of espresso that will be blended with other ingredients to create a memorable, and hopefully winning, drink. One of those special ingredients will be blueberries from the farm of a long-time coffee colleague with whom Jackson traveled to co-op Chajul several years ago.

In his own words, Jackson is competing because, "I want to showcase my company, and show that there is a place for 100% Fair Trade Organic companies in specialty coffee. I also want to beat the pants off my friends who are competing."

We wish him the best of luck! And please join us in cheering him on!

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