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Springtime at Peace Coffee

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It’s finally springtime in Peace Coffee land. The earth seems to be waking up all at once from its much needed rest. The ground that was hardened by the winter frost is now softening and we’ve taken the snow studs off our delivery bike tires. Ah, it’s much more pleasant to roll down the Greenway trail with warmer winds in the gleaming sunshine. This sentiment is echoed in the people of our fair city; as the weather warms we see folks step outside as if to get a sleepy-eyed first glance at the vivid colors of clear blue sky and brightly greening grass. We love spring in Minnesota, and the outdoor-focused events this season provides.

Earlier this month we partied for pollinators with our bee-loving buddies The Beez Kneez at their Dandelion honey pastry chef challenge, and this past weekend we debuted our new coffee wagon for the rad crowd lining up outside the Electric Fetus for Record Store Day.

In our business we are honored to be able to support the critical causes championed by our many environmental and climate change-focused partners. Climate Generation (formerly the Will Steger Foundation) is hosting an Earth Day Celebration Thursday 4/21 in St. Paul. And our local conscientious cafe Common Roots is celebrating Earth Day on 4/22 with free coffee for mug-toters, their earth-centered work the other 364 days in the year is something to marvel at too. We’re also happy to be providing the caffeine boost for the St. Paul Citywide Cleanup on 4/23 and the Midtown Community Works Arbor Day Planting on 5/7.

Another great part of spring in Minnesota is the return of some of our favorite local cycling events, where people can showcase their early year training skills or just get out and enjoy a good time pedaling with family. For the iron person in you, we provide tons of caffeine for the Minnesota Ironman Ride on 4/24, which is in its 50th year! One of our favorite rides in the spring, the Fulton Gran Fondo at Fulton Beer in Northeast Minneapolis on 5/7, has something for everyone. This ride has a course that could take you on your first century ride or will help you practice for the season ahead; there is also a shorter 40 mile course for the enthusiast. As usual, Fulton knows how to throw a good party, so head on over between 2-9pm for some great local music, food trucks and new spring beers.

One other amazing opportunity we have to cultivate local biking culture, advocacy and education is the Cycles for Change Youth Bike Summit on 5/28 & 5/29. This is a national conference that is one of the largest in the cycling world, and we are so happy to be sponsoring this year’s conference with bike-fueled coffee for the masses. Ride on!

Springtime brings so many lovely things to life up our way, and we hope that you find time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful place we call home. In this season of our 20th year, we’re so grateful for your support and that you all bring us along for your journeys and tell your family members and friends about our passion for small producer farmers in far-off parts of the world. Our focus in this season is on them, and how our community efforts here at home naturally weave themselves into how we seek to create, nurture and grow impactful benefits for our coffee-growing community partners around the globe.

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