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Spring Fling

Spring Fling Image

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Up our way, the sun is shining a little later into the evening and we’re starting to remove ‘layering’ from our wardrobe resume. Spring is on the horizon and that means a time to shift our best beverage intentions toward bright flavors in the form of liquid uplifts. It’s our privilege to carve out the season’s rhythms and offer something that helps you sink into each moment and create some space for reveling. We’re pleased to plant two new annual drinks and bring back our favorite perennial, the Roman Holiday! Read on to see what may peak your seasonal drinking interests.

Bette Midler

Just as sassy as it is sweet, this subtly spiced mocha is sweetened with a house-made rosewater syrup. Bette Midler (the drink) entices you with its sweet aroma and luscious texture and gives you just the right amount of bite from the warming ancho chile spice. We think if Bette Midler (the actress/all-around badass) were to choose a beverage to begin the day, it would be this. Elegant, crave-able, and rich with flavor to wake up your senses for the aromas of springtime.

Cafe Fresa

A cold press agua fresca with strawberries, mint, and honey, the Cafe Fresa is sure to usher you into the warmer weather as you sip and enjoy the refreshing flavors. An agua fresca (‘fresh water’) is meant to be savored as fresh fruits and herbs typically supply natural sweetness. We mixed in our Yeti Cold Press coffee and local honey to boost this drink’s appeal. Shaken with ice and full of fresh strawberry and mint, the result is a smooth and frothy shot of sweet, caffeinated springtime.

Roman Holiday

As sure as the tulips coming up from their winter beauty sleep our Roman Holiday, the signature drink of spring at Peace Coffee, is back for 2018! An expertly extracted shot of espresso muddled with candied lemon zest shaken with ice and cream. Served up in a cocktail glass, it drinks like a Sunday drive at sunrise down a blooming country lane. Simple and silky smooth, there’s good reason the Roman Holiday keeps showing up on our spring menu.

Take a stroll to one of our shops in Minneapolis to enjoy these drinks March through May, we’ll be shaking and smiling with each pour!

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