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Pollinator Blend 2017

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Our first seasonal coffee of 2017 ushers in the season of hope. As the world awakes from its slumber and darkness, we fix our sleepy eyes on all things bright and buzzing. The 2017 version of Pollinator Blend is brimming with floral aromas and red fruit sweetness. A sweet springtime porch sipper, notes of honey and orange blossom drift in windswept harmony with dark chocolate and caramelized sugar.

Pollinators are in trouble

This year’s Pollinator Blend helps us shed light on our ever-changing climate. Springtime in Minnesota means pollination of some of our favorite flora and fauna, like apple trees and autumn squashes. That pollination is absolutely dependent upon our native honey bee population doing their instinctual jobs pollinating millions of plants around our state for healthy growth into the summer and fall. That process has been changed significantly due to climate change and pesticide use, as species of plants and grasses die out because of unfavorable conditions. Springtime reminds us to renew our commitment to these insects we’d be absolutely lost without.

Peace Coffee is helping pollinators

It’s integral that we pay attention to advocating for pollinators, as 71 of the 100 crops that make up 90% of global food consumption rely solely on honey bee pollination. We partner with various honey heroines throughout the year to support the healthy growth of our local bee population. Our building works with the Minnesota DNR to have protected areas or native prairie that help pollinators with wildflowers that aid in the pollination process. We also work with a wide array of other local partners that you can support too!

More pollinator supporting organizations

We work with The Beez Kneez, a sweet local bike-delivered honey company, to keep hives on our roof year round and to provide honey for our downtown coffee shops. We also partner with them every April for the Dandelion Honey Pastry Chef Challenge, which raises money and awareness for our home state’s pollinators. Another fantastic local honey partner with a broad view of advocacy for our bee buddies is Bare Honey, which we use in our South Minneapolis and Richfield location. We also support local pollination education and action groups like Pollinate Minnesota and the Pollinator Friendly Alliance with brewed coffee donations, we literally keep them all buzzing!


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