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Peace Coffee + Twin Six Collaboration

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Peace Coffee and bikes go way back. Once upon a time, when we were just getting started, we had the idea of slinging a few bags of coffee on the bike to deliver to one of our new accounts. We stuck with bikes for reasons both fun and practical and our love has only multiplied. First one, then two bike delivery people, then a whole racing team, and a staff of 50+, many bikers among them. Then came the Breakaway Blend, a coffee inspired by the joy of two wheels and riding fast.


In collaboration with Twin Six, our designer friend Ben McCoy of Hill+Steed came up with a slick and subtly branded full kit design — jerseys, caps, socks, and bottles (made for water or cold press, however you choose to hydrate).

Designed to go the distance, this jersey is the one to do a full loop of the Lakes before tacking on a few extra miles to reach your favorite coffee shop. It looks good, fits perfectly, and pairs well with espresso (we checked).

We're excited to be collaborating with Twin Six on the project. We’ve been caffeinating their office for years and running into them all over town at events we both sponsor. Our shared love of the Twin Cities, bikes, and coffee is a match made in heaven.

For those that don’t know us yet, we're excited to make our bike-coffee family even bigger. Whether you secretly wish to swap jobs with one of our bike delivery crew on a sunny Spring day, an aspiring racer, or an avid coffee drinker who likes to get some miles in on a weekend, we can't wait to see you out there! 


The new jerseys, socks, caps, and bottles will be available for pre order from Wednesday, June 22 through Wednesday, June 28. For THAT WEEK ONLY, if you order the entire kit – a jersey, cap, bottle, and socks – we’ll send you a FREE BAG of Twin Cities blend coffee in a special, limited edition bag.

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