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Local Pumpkins For Lattes

Local Pumpkins For Lattes Image

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here at Peace Coffee, we talk a lot about the connections in your cup, and our mission to connect those who drink the coffee with the ones who grow it—but have you ever wondered who put the pumpkin in your Harvest Moon Latte?

This year we're going straight to the source for our fall staple flavor, bringing organically grown pumpkins to town from our friends at Big River Farms CSA. A project of the non-profit Minnesota Food Association, their mission goes beyond making ours the tastiest, most autumnal latte around. Their mission is to provide training, land, and resources to socially disadvantaged farmers, including many refugees and immigrants. By growing for Big River Farms, small-scale farmers gain access to land, infrastructure, and markets to support the development of their own organic farm businesses.

Stop by our Lyndale Gardens location to chat with barista Susan Scow—she's currently interning with
the Minnesota Food Association, helping growers put down roots in Minnesota and build better food systems. She'll be able to tell you all about the pumpkins she helped bring to market, and whip you up a Harvest Moon Latte while she's at it!



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