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Invest in the Future of Food (& Coffee)!

Invest in the Future of Food (& Coffee)! Image

Contributed by Anna Canning, Fair World Project Communications Coordinator

This Saturday, May 13th, people in over 70 countries on every continent except Antarctica will celebrate World Fair Trade Day and the small-scale farmers and artisans at the heart of the fair trade movement. Fair trade is a movement that empowers farmers to organize and earn a livelihood within the highly competitive global marketplace. Through organizing, they tend to what matters most—their family, communities, and the environment. Through organic and regenerative farming practices, small-scale farmers are able to feed 70% of the world’s people on just a fraction of the land.

These small-scale farmers are the heart of our global food system (not to mention the source of your daily cup of coffee). Yet they are seeing the impacts of a changing climate in the weather and in their fields. Study after study shows that through traditional farming practices and regenerative organic innovations, these small-scale farmers are growing solutions to climate change that have been proven to work. Yet they can’t access the same funding for their organic agroecology solutions that the big ag and chemical companies can.

crowdfunding for climate resiliency 

That’s where Grow Ahead comes in. Grow Ahead has a crowdfunding platform that connects individual consumers and organizations to lend (or donate!) directly to small-scale farmer organizations. From soil conservation and yield-boosting compost projects to scholarships for farm leaders, you can contribute to the future of our global food system.

One of the first featured projects aims to cover the expenses of 30 coffee farmers to attend one of Cooperative Coffees’ farmer-to-farmer trainings for peer-led learning and sharing of best practices—the kind of grassroots initiatives that have the potential to spread the kind of climate-resilient, regenerative farming practices that are urgently needed right now.

beyond fair trade

Choosing fair trade products when you shop is just one way to support small-scale farmers, yet the reality is that those purchases alone can’t fund the transition to a future of truly regenerative, organic farming. Invest in the future of your coffee, our food system, and our planet—learn more by watching the video below.

P.S. If you’re drinking the Tree Hugger Blend right now, it’s mostly made from beans grown by the COMSA cooperative in Honduras. They have a truly inspiring vision to cultivate the next generation of organic practices by cultivating both young farmers and innovative new techniques in compost. Grow Ahead is working to fund 10 scholarships for farmers to attend their Organic Diploma Program—consider a “tip” towards the future of some truly green coffee by contributing to their scholarship fund

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