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Decoding the Alchemy Lab Sheet

Decoding the Alchemy Lab Sheet Image

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Derek De La Paz, Peace Coffee Head Roaster

Every Alchemy Series Release comes with a lab sheet attached to it. The goal of these sheets is to capture what I do in the lab and highlight the artisitic collaboration between myself and fellow roaster/artist, Ivoire Foreman, who creates all the unique illustrations. 

Physical Evaluation
This is done once the green coffee arrives at the Peace Coffee Roastery. We do this to help guide us through roasting and developing this coffee. We use the official SCAA green grading protocols. This process gives us a general quality of green, basic guidance on heat application for roasting, and a understanding of quality of processing.

Sample Roast
Specifics of the actual roast of the first green sample to SCAA sample roast standards.
machine 2. weight of sample 3. charge temperature of machine       4. 1st crack temperature and time 5. finish temperature and time

Sample Cup
The first sensory evaluation of this green coffee. This coffee is roasted to SCAA sample roast standards. A very light and fast roast- with no consumer equivalent. This roast allows you to analyze the green coffee cup qualities and not the roasting of the coffee.

This expresses the cup qualities, nuance flavors, the aroma and fragrance.

Savory and Sweet food pairings specifically for this coffee at this roast level. Some more traditional, some more creative and challenging. Not all pairings will showcase the same qualities in the food or coffee.

Audio Influences
Albums, Pandora stations, Audio drama, Audio novels, and podcasted literature. These are the things I enjoy while tapping my creativity. A head set is often worn when roasting and cupping as our lab is located in production with all the sounds of coffee production.

Lot number
Definition from the International Coffee Organization (ICO):
A combination of figures which includes the country code (3 figures), the code for the exporter or grower (4 figures) and the parcel number (4 figures). The ICO mark must be unique to each parcel of coffee.

Back side of cupping form
Simplified cupping form. Filled with notes from my original sample roast cupping of this coffee. Not necessarily the qualities of the final roast of this coffee for Alchemy. But as many qualities as I can perceive that are available in this coffee at this time.

An artisitic collaboration with our production roaster, Ivoire Forman. They work to create unique illustrations guided by the abstract flavor notes I provide them for each new release. They also draw upon their own travels to coffee growing regions for inspiration. As well as tools of the roasting trade like cupping spoons & sight glasses, scales, etc.

Personal Tasting Notes
Jot down your own coffee inspired tasting notes. Feel free to doodle too!

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