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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anna Canning, Peace Coffee Project Manager

As a professional coffee person, I have an embarrassing confession to make: I don't have the means to make coffee at home. Somewhere in the course of moving, my trusty press pot and I parted ways and I didn't replace it. After all, every morning I go to a place where I'm surrounded by fresh coffee and my pick of a lab full of equipment with which to brew it. Weekends when I don't work, I tell myself that it's good for me not to have coffee at my fingertips -- a few days off can keep my coffee fondness from being a full-blown addiction (right?). Besides, especially in winter, it's good to have things to compel me to leave the cozy confines of my apartment and what better place to go than the various lovely coffee shops around our city.

That's the self-improvement side of my logic, the other part is that were I to decide to buy some equipment to brew with at home, I'd have to, well, decide. Our industry is exploding with new ways to brew your morning cup right now (and rediscovering the classics too), and everywhere I turn, it seems that there's another nifty new gadget and a proliferation of variations on the classics. Pin myself down to a choice and I'd have committed to just one. If I get a press pot, I'd be dedicating all my home coffee experiences to a thick, rich sludgy cup of coffee -- filtered only through a wire mesh, leaving plenty of coffee goodness remaining to coat your tongue. If I'm in the mood for a darker roast, personally I think that the press pot does it to perfection and the robust, spicy notes of the Snowshoe Brew are enhanced. 

Just as some days I crave the thick and sludgy, others I only want a clean cup and subtle aromas that I get from a little pourover of coffee. A paper filter cone strains out the tiny particles of coffee, as well as some of the tongue-coating oils leaving a very "clean" cup of coffee. When I pick up a pourover, it's often to brew something bright and aromatic -- an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or a Guatemalan, or if I have something super precious (that Natural Processed Sidamo that I stole a handful of from the cupping lab) where I don't want to risk wasting a drop. 

Knowing me, Ill probably keep thinking about what the perfect brew method for my little kitchen for a little while. You however needn't share my indecision. Our coffee team has been dedicating lots of time to experimenting with brewing gadgets and has selected their current favorites for use in our new coffee shop. We'll have those favorites available for purchase on our site soon (if you're local and can't wait, stop by the shop where they're already available.)

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