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Change is brewing.

Change is brewing. Image

Monday, April 3, 2017

For many years we’ve been expertly roasting single origin coffees to highlight their intrinsic qualities and crafting perfectly balanced blends that harmonize complex regional characteristics. We have offered nearly 20 different coffee varieties year-round, in addition to our seasonal and Alchemy coffees. To say that it’s been a feat to carry that many coffees and deliver consistent quality as cooperative farmer lots and origins change is a dramatic understatement. So we felt that the time was right for some spring cleaning. Which means saying goodbye to some old favorites to make room for some new arrivals.

We believe these changes will help us better serve our producer partners and customers alike.
Our mission to source, roast, and deliver high-quality coffee remains strong as ever. 

Goodbyes are hard...

At the end of April, we will retire:
-Guatemalan Light Roast
-Mexican Dark Roast
-Sumatran Full City
-Split Decision

Hello, it's me...

In a couple weeks, we will welcome:
-A new dark roast blend (more info coming soon)
-Morning Glory Blend, remastered as a light roast

We appreciate your support, and look forward to sharing our delicious new coffees with you. Stay tuned!

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