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derek's favorite food from indonesia

derek's favorite food from indonesia Image

Monday, April 18, 2016

One of the joys of staff visiting coffee farmers is hearing how their own personal interests filter their experience: The bookkeeper travelling in Chiapas takes pictures of the co-op's ledgers, the bike delivery guy comes back with photos of innovative ways bikes are used for transportation in Guatemala, etc.

And thus it's no surprise that our Head Roaster Derek returned from his trips to Indonesia with pictures of food. Lots of them. Before Derek joined our roasting team, he had a long career as a chef in Napa Valley and we're lucky to have him turn those culinary skills to our coffee. In addition to working closely with a team of producers, collectors, and other roasters to develop intensive quality protocols and really understand Sumatran coffee processing techniques, Derek spent plenty of time perusing the food choices of the region.

One of his favorite meals from his past trip was beef rendang neatly packaged together with a mound of rice and served on a banana leaf—with an orange. Rendang, for those not familiar, is a well-spiced meat dish that takes its name from the cooking method in which a piece of meat is slowly cooked in a paste of spices until all the liquid evaporates. To make your own rendang at home, Derek recommends this recipe. It's packed with flavor and well worth the wait!

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