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Alchemy Series: Triunfo Verde Cooperative

Alchemy Series: Triunfo Verde Cooperative Image

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Our first Alchemy Series Coffee is Back

Coffee from the Triunfo Verde Cooperative is very special here at Peace Coffee. This farmer group produced coffee that became our first ever Alchemy Series release 5 years ago. Since then, 20 coffees have come through this limited series. This year’s return of the Triunfo Verde Cooperative coffee from Mexico brings a few changes to the Alchemy Series. 

Alchemy Series has given us the great privilege and responsibility to share unique coffees from farmer cooperatives that truly deserve to be obsessed over, properly roasted, and brewed perfectly. #20 from Ecuador coincided with our 20th Anniversary celebration, and with the release of Triunfo Verde Cooperative, Mexico, we make the move to retire the numbering system in order to refocus on highlighting the farmer partners who work so hard to make dynamic and unique coffees.

The Source.

Triunfo Verde coffee cooperative is situated in the mountains of Sierra Madre in Chiapas. Its namesake, the adjacent El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, is the most diverse evergreen cloud forest in Mexico. With just over 300 producers averaging about 5 acres of land per farm, Triunfo Verde has an acute focus on quality in growing and processing that is rare for coffee from the region.

The Roast.

This year’s Triunfo Verde Cooperative lot has been a lesson in the delicate art of roasting fresh coffees from farmers that we have purchased from over multiple seasons. Year over year, coffees change due to a variety of factors. We tried a similar roast style from past crops on this lot of Triunfo Verde, only to realize that we needed to adapt our profile to draw out sweetness and balance the delicate flavors.

The Cup.

In the brew lab, filter coffee brew methods, like the Chemex, bring out the soft nuance of this coffee with hints of currant, clementine, and chamomile. Immersion brewing with a French press brings out creamy rich flavors of nougat, cashews, and Mexican chocolate. However you choose to brew, the Triunfo Verde Cooperative coffee from Mexico is certain to give your day a bright start!

Enjoy this wonderfully drinkable coffee and expect some exciting changes to our Alchemy Series in the near future!




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