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Whether it's a new drink at the shop, a postcard from around the globe, or fun around town, there's always something going on at Peace Coffee. Follow along to keep up! For day to day happenings, and all our local tastings and events, find us on Facebook, Instagram, and on Twitter.

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welcome our new downtown minneapolis coffee shop Image

welcome our new downtown minneapolis coffee shop


We are excited to announce that, as of this morning, we are operating a new coffee shop in the lobby of the AT&T Tower in downtown Minneapolis, located on the corner of 9th and Marquette. Our commitment to high-quality coffee, excellent service, along with our willingness to adapt to new and interesting spaces attracted the developers of the 901 Marquette/AT&T Tower lobby remodel. A me…

sip your way to autumnal joy Image

sip your way to autumnal joy


welcome our signature fall drinks, available through November at our coffee shops Cool mornings, crunchy leaves, and cozy hoodies are just a few of the things we love about autumn. It's hard to beat fall in Minnesota. The abundance of the late growing season brings vibrant squashes, just ripe tomatoes, and sweet corn that helps us hold on to the warmth of summer days but also look ahead to the…

Find Us At The Fair Image

Find Us At The Fair


There are few things more Minnesotan than celebrating the waning days of summer with buckets of warm chocolate chip cookies and all-you-can-drink milk from the dairy barn. Add a few deep-fried oddities on sticks and you've got yerself one heckuva 12-day party, dontcha know. The Minnesota State Fair is second to none. Attracting 2 million of the Upper Midwest's finest food lovers and fun-seeker…

best for the world Image

best for the world


Earlier this year, we proudly announced our certification as a B Corporation after a rigorous audit of our entire company from the source to the shelves. It was a feat that we felt privileged to accomplish as it placed our ethics, interests, and future goals in line with many other global businesses who've set their purpose on pursuing good over greed. On June 12th, B Lab (the non-profit behin…

Summer sips for shakin' your hips Image

Summer sips for shakin' your hips


You've heard most Minnesotans recite the adage, 'We really love having all four seasons', and with good reason. We're lucky enough to have a sampling of all types of weather in these parts. But even we can confess it's hard to compete with the lush green landscape and warm patio-soaking sunshine that summer brings. Easily the most beautiful season, you'll see us out from dawn until dusk soaking…

rad moms deserve rad coffee Image

rad moms deserve rad coffee


Where would we be without the badass Moms who raised us? We think maybe Mom had a secret all along, and we'd hedge our bets on that secret including coffee. Check out these sweet deals on some of Mom's best-kept secrets! cheers to mom We have five great gift bundles under $50 for Mom that include everything from the necessary ingredients to prepare her breakfast in bed to a trio of three of o…

alchemy series: sopacdi cooperative Image

alchemy series: sopacdi cooperative


The SOPACDI cooperative was founded out of a vision for a better life for a broken-down washing station on an old estate and for a community devastated by two decades of war. High in what has been called “the Alps of Africa,” on the shores of Lake Kivu, the members of SOPACDI are pioneering a vision of collaboration and economic success. Years of strife meant that many in the commun…

peace coffee is in great hands Image

peace coffee is in great hands


By now you know we have some pretty incredible things in store for 2018, but strap in because this caffeinated journey of ours is forging a new path. As you may know, Peace Coffee has been owned by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) since the beginning. It’s been a great ride, but recent discussions have led to IATP and Peace Coffee agreeing that it would be mutually be…

Spring Fling Image

Spring Fling


Up our way, the sun is shining a little later into the evening and we’re starting to remove ‘layering’ from our wardrobe resume. Spring is on the horizon and that means a time to shift our best beverage intentions toward bright flavors in the form of liquid uplifts. It’s our privilege to carve out the season’s rhythms and offer something that helps you sink into ea…

A different kind of certification Image

A different kind of certification


a new lens Peace Coffee was founded in 1996 with one simple mission; to make memorable coffee that honors the farmer, cares for the planet, empowers its staff, and serves its customers to help change the way we view this beloved drink. We invest in our farmer cooperatives by forming long-term trading relationships and foster collaboration by importing coffees with a cooperative of our own. Our…

2017: Through the Sight Glass Image

2017: Through the Sight Glass


2017 was a defining year for all of us at Peace Coffee. It was a year of focusing, and putting our best foot forward to be a force for good in every facet of our business. From nurturing coffee shoots in nurseries the world over to roasting and delivering fresh, delicious coffee to customers from Minneapolis to Miami, we continue to strive to have a positive impact on the coffee industry as a w…

alchemy series: pangoa cooperative Image

alchemy series: pangoa cooperative


Tucked away in the central Amazon region of Peru, just east of the Andean mountain range, you’ll find the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa headquarters. The coop has experienced a long and colorful history, underscored with both good and hard times. Founded 40 years ago by a group of 50 farmers, Pangoa once had membership above 1,700 cooperative farmers. That number declined dramatic…

Give winter a warm welcome Image

Give winter a warm welcome


'Tis the season for staying in bed a few precious extra seconds each morning to delay the day's chill. As you strive each morning to change out of your pajamas into an appropriate amount of layers to greet the cold, we invite you to stop by our coffee shops for a warm up. Each winter, our baristas do their best to capture the aroma and flavor of warmth and transform it into liquid form. Our wi…

Wonderland Park 7 carnival promotional image

7 lucky years in retail


In honor of our seventh retail anniversary on Friday, November 10th, we're offering $7 bags of coffee at our coffee shops all day long (limit two per customer). And like always you get a free cup of coffee with every bag. Added B-day bonus: Each shop will have complimentary cupcakes from the Seward Co-op starting at 11:30 am. Enjoy while supplies last! How Far We've Come In 2010, we opened o…

A New National Coffee Day Image

A New National Coffee Day


If you have been following along in the infamous year 2017, you have heard our messages about the importance of trees and our rooted conviction to a more sustainable planet. With the release of Tree Hugger Blend this past spring, we planted a flagship coffee that we hope will bloom and grow into something that bears good fruit in this world. We want that fruit to be a more focused pursuit of cl…

The State Fair that was Image

The State Fair that was


Healthy Local Foods Once again Peace Coffee had the privilege of partnering with Renewing The Countryside inside the Healthy Local Foods Area at the Eco Experience. This was our 12th year being an anchor sponsor (along with Health Partners) of the local food-focused section, and we continue to enjoy a unique opportunity to get our product into the hands of a diverse group of people in a short …

Harvest season sipping Image

Harvest season sipping


Our signature Fall beverages are available now through November at our coffee shops! Vibrant colors, brisk air, and cozy sweaters are just a few of the things we love about autumn. It's a time of plenty in our neck of the woods. Having just shucked the last few ears of peak season corn and brought in this year's ripe tomato crop, we turn our attention to fall; a time of preparation. As the pag…

Announcing First Edition : A collaboration with the Star Tribune Image

Announcing First Edition : A collaboration with the Star Tribune


Limited-Edition Coffee Available at online, at our Capella Tower shop, and at Star Tribune’s MN State Fair Booth MINNEAPOLIS – Aug. 23, 2017 – Today we unveil “First Edition,” a signature coffee that commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Star Tribune. It will be available to purchase at the above locations beginning Thursday, August 24th. First Edition was ch…

Organic matters at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair Image

Organic matters at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Every year nearly 2 million people descend on Minnesota's capital city to get together and celebrate the best 12 days of summer. As summer begins to fade into autumn and children begin the beg their parents for a few more days of freedom, the Minnesota State Fair kicks off with its miles of food on a stick, butter sculptures, and thrill rides on the mig…

Alchemy Series: Triunfo Verde Cooperative Image

Alchemy Series: Triunfo Verde Cooperative


Our first Alchemy Series Coffee is Back Coffee from the Triunfo Verde Cooperative is very special here at Peace Coffee. This farmer group produced coffee that became our first ever Alchemy Series release 5 years ago. Since then, 20 coffees have come through this limited series. This year’s return of the Triunfo Verde Cooperative coffee from Mexico brings a few changes to the Alchemy Seri…

Summer in your glass Image

Summer in your glass


Summertime and we’re thinking about drinking... Delicious cold beverages, of the caffeinated variety. And no, we are not talking about drinks to pump you up, keep you awake all night, or get you amped. We mean delicately crafted, sippable signs of summer. Drinks to enjoy in the sun and make the best of our most hospitable of seasons! This year’s lineup includes: Chai Pop! Somewhe…

A savory match made in heaven Image

A savory match made in heaven


There are few things more distinctive in the Twin Cities brunch scene than the Savory Waffle from the Birchwood Cafe. The brilliance behind presenting something we usually perceive as a sweet dish, like a waffle, in a savory suit comes from Chef Marshall Paulsen. Marshall has been with the Birchwood Cafe for 10 years and has beautifully accented owner Tracy Singelton's mission to support a loca…

same coffee, new hands Image

same coffee, new hands


It seems like just yesterday we opened our garden-themed coffee counter in the Lakewinds Co-op in Richfield. After a three-year growing season, we've come to the conclusion that while coffee is the right answer for the space, Lakewinds should operate it, instead of us. On June 1st we officially hand over the operations to them. As part of the transition, we've already begun training their team…

To Earth Week and Beyond! Image

To Earth Week and Beyond!


Earth Week at Peace Coffee has always been full of hopeful declarations, conspiring events, and uniting moments with our friends on the front lines of Mother Nature’s bidding. Over the years, we have had the privilege to partner with great earth advocates during this time like #30DaysOfBiking, local cafe partners (Common Roots and Birchwood Cafe) celebrating earth-conscious patrons, and C…

Announcing two new coffees!! Image

Announcing two new coffees!!


We proudly welcome two new coffees into our lineup, available today! Tree Hugger Blend Trees have a special place in a coffee lover’s heart; naturally an understory plant, organic coffee thrives under a canopy of shade trees that help regenerate the soil, feed families, and generally make our planet a better place. We’re proud to call ourselves tree huggers. Twenty years and coun…

Change is brewing. Image

Change is brewing.


For many years we’ve been expertly roasting single origin coffees to highlight their intrinsic qualities and crafting perfectly balanced blends that harmonize complex regional characteristics. We have offered nearly 20 different coffee varieties year-round, in addition to our seasonal and Alchemy coffees. To say that it’s been a feat to carry that many coffees and deliver consistent…

Spring Drinks 2017 Image

Spring Drinks 2017


Spring is on it’s way, and as the new season drifts in on the wings of our favorite pollinators we’ve been busy dreaming up a few dandy drinks to welcome it. Every year in the first weeks of February we sit down over espressos (okay, maybe a few bottles of War & Peace too) and try to capture the spirit of spring in caffeinated-liquid form. On those nights, we’re reminded h…

Peace Coffee Pollinator Blend image

Pollinator Blend 2017


Our first seasonal coffee of 2017 ushers in the season of hope. As the world awakes from its slumber and darkness, we fix our sleepy eyes on all things bright and buzzing. The 2017 version of Pollinator Blend is brimming with floral aromas and red fruit sweetness. A sweet springtime porch sipper, notes of honey and orange blossom drift in windswept harmony with dark chocolate and caramelized su…

Coffee is what brings us together today. Image

Coffee is what brings us together today.


In a time of seemingly incessant focus on what divides us, what our differences are; We’ve been trying to focus on what brings us together, what we have in common. Are you having trouble wading through that cloud of negativity too? Okay, we’ll start. Coffee. Wonderful, magical, invigorating, essential, gorgeous coffee. One of life’s great equalizers. Like music, or a smile. C…

Happy Holidays & Warm Wishes... Image

Happy Holidays & Warm Wishes...


from our mug to yours. It has been wonderful celebrating 20 years of Peace Coffee with our loyal customers and partners throughout 2016, and on December 9th we had one more rather festive celebration in the roastery that was filled with Ugly Sweaters, Pizza Lucé, and merriment. Our 20-year Ugly Sweater Open House brought over 300 customers and wholesale partners together to go out with …

A Decade of Roasting Image

A Decade of Roasting


This year marks my tenth anniversary as a roaster at Peace Coffee. As the year has progressed, I've been thinking a lot about what I've learned over the years, which coffees have really stood out, what I love about certain green coffees, and how my roasting and profiles have evolved over the time. Fondo Paez is definitely one of those coffees that have stood out over the past decade. When I fi…

Climate Change: In Your Daily Cup Image

Climate Change: In Your Daily Cup


I’ve always been drawn to coffee. Not necessarily to coffee the crop, or the beverage from which many of us get our daily caffeine, but to what happens specifically in any space where coffee is served. It could be a group of folks around a dinner table, or perhaps a few regulars sitting on soft seats in the opening moments at a neighborhood shop; coffee has a way of bringing people togeth…

A Coffee Shade of Winter Image

A Coffee Shade of Winter


Winter. The days are short, the weather is cold, our layers are thick, and sometimes a warm drink is just the ticket. We’ve concocted a menu to celebrate the flavors of the season and warm you through and through. Our perennial winter favorite, the Fireside Chat is back. It’s an Americano (espresso + hot water) spiced with orange oil and a dose of clove syrup: sweet, spicy, and gua…

Bulking up on co-ops Image

Bulking up on co-ops


October is Co-op Month and that's good timing for us. As we look back on our first 20 years, we marvel at and appreciate the critical role that co-ops play in our entire supply chain. Here in the Twin Cities when we were just a fledgling coffee company with Paul Bunyan-sized dreams, food co-ops were some of the first to believe in us—and to offer space for our beans in their bulk bins. Fa…

automatic pour over machine

A word on automatic pour over machines from Jackson


A good number of coffee making machines are popping up these days that call themselves “automatic pour over” machines. These machines started out as super fancy, boutique-y numbers like the Chemex Ottomatic and the Ratio Eight, costing hundreds of dollars and boasting minimalist chic for the person who needs their coffee maker to both make exceptional coffee and match their Design W…

Pedaling Peace 20 Years Strong Image

Pedaling Peace 20 Years Strong


Peace Coffee and bikes go way back together. We actually started bike delivering our coffee before we could afford our own roasting machine, but two roasters and a few delivery vans later, bikes remain central to what we do. We ride to work, we ride for work, & sometimes we ride for fun after work—in short, we collectively spend a lot of time in the saddle. One of the most sought-aft…

Fall drinks image

Fall Colors Have Never Tasted So Good


The State Fair is past, which means that summer must be winding down. We’ve updated our menu to keep pace with the seasons, and transition you smoothly from the summer lemonades to pumpkin spice season. To help ease you along, we’ve mixed up the Fall Fizz. Available only in September, this sparkling house-made soda brings the seasons together in a tall, refreshing glass: 100% cranb…

Thanks for helping us #RaiseAMug at the Fair! Image

Thanks for helping us #RaiseAMug at the Fair!


Peace Coffee celebrated its 20th anniversary in style at the Great Minnesota Get-Together this year. We spent the waning months of summer plotting and planning how we could increase our presence and visibility inside the Health Local Foods Area, put together by our friends at Renewing The Countryside. We put our collective heads together and dove deep into just what makes our state so great, a…

#RaiseAMug Instagram Giveaways! Image

#RaiseAMug Instagram Giveaways!


2016 Minnesota State Fair, August 25 - September 5 Snap a photo with Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox at the Peace Coffee booth inside the Eco Experience building with a buddy, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #RaiseAMug and tag: @Peace_Coffee to be entered for our daily giveaways. Each post will also be entered for our fair hangover giveaways on September 6. Giveaways: Daily: -1 12-oz b…

A 40,000 Pound Milestone Image

A 40,000 Pound Milestone


Yesterday, with much fanfare and hard work, we received a 40,000 pound cargo container of Guatemalan coffee beans. While we receive deliveries as large as this every few weeks, this container was shipped directly from Apecaform Coffee Cooperative in Guatemala right to our roastery door, bypassing other stops along the way. The coffee was harvested in late spring, put into 275 bags, each weighi…

#RaiseAMug to 20 Years Image

#RaiseAMug to 20 Years


As the steamy days of August begin, we are reminded of that feeling you get when your first mug sits just under your nose and the steam raises your eyebrows and pulls your eyelids back from their morning fog. August at Peace Coffee means we are fixing our gaze on the great Minnesota get-together. Yes, it’s time again to begin talking about the Minnesota State Fair, and this year Peace Cof…

At Peace Coffee Pride is A Holiday Image

At Peace Coffee Pride is A Holiday


By Melanee Meegan, Peace Coffee Director of Marketing

Peace Coffee won't be at the Pride Parade this year. We won't be sampling Yeti Cold Press in Loring Park, or throwing coffee beans from the back of our bike trailer along the parade route. And that's a good thing. Peace Coffee won't be at Pride for the same reason we give staff other holidays off: so our diverse and amazing people can celebrate their community. To mark the fact that now our s…

World Fair Trade Day: Connections and Community Image

World Fair Trade Day: Connections and Community


At the heart of our mission is our connection to the communities that support us, both here at home and around the world. This Saturday May 14th, people around the globe are highlighting those connections by celebrating World Fair Trade Day. Fundamentally, the fair trade movement believes that we can transform the global economy through the purchases we make. Fair Trade works to benefit small…

in it together Image

in it together


Minnehaha Avenue is getting a major facelift this summer and while that will be good news for the neighborhood next summer, for now, it provides challenges for local businesses like our Wonderland Park location. While access along the roads will be more difficult April through November, we'll be open for every minute of it. And to reward you for making the trek, we're offering a few specials to…

Celebrating 20 Years Image

Celebrating 20 Years


At this time of year, we start to anticipate the arrival of the first few samples of the Mexican and Central American harvest at our roastery. Each new crop varies a little from the previous year's, and there's always a flurry of activity as the roasters get acquainted with the new crop. We've been buying from many of the same cooperatives for many seasons so it's like a reunion with old friend…

Caffeinate Your Cutie Image

Caffeinate Your Cutie


Our hand-selected Valentine's Day gifts are perfect for any loved one, including yourself! We're offering a limited edition Winter Provisions coffee sampler, delectable honey bon bons from Saint Paul, a kitty love mug, and all the classics. All items featured below can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. Gift bundles are packed in a bright red gift box on a bed of craft paper crinkles and in…

Ice House Image

Winter Wanderland


In Minnesota, we celebrate winter! We love our fat bikes, snow shoes, ice skates, and skis. Heck, some of us even keep fishing. So fill your thermos full of Peace Coffee, grab your gear, and get outside! If that doesn't keep you busy, we also have plenty of winter events to check out ... City of Lakes Loppet Art Sled Rally Saint Paul Winter Carnival Art Shanty Project If relaxing is y…

Always Fun at the Fair Image

Always Fun at the Fair


This year at the "Great Minnesota Get Together", Peace Coffee again partnered with Renewing The Countryside to offer weary fairgoers with coffee from 9am-12pm during weekdays and 9am-3pm on fair weekends! With the help of our roastery staff, baristas, friends and family we connected with over 12,000 fairgoers, offering them complimentary samples of a rotating selection of fresh brewed Peace Cof…

Peace Coffee on a Stick 2015! Image

Peace Coffee on a Stick 2015!


Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah! It's our favorite time of year! We are privileged to be partnering with Renewing the Countryside again this year in the Healthy Local Foods Area of the Eco Experience. We will be highlighting a different farmer cooperative each day by brewing their delicious coffee and sharing it with the fair-going masses. Beginning at 9:00am every day of the fair there wi…

DeRusha Eats: Peace Coffee Image

DeRusha Eats: Peace Coffee


In case you missed it live, WCCO Channel 4 aired a great piece on Peace Coffee during their Midmorning broadcast last week. It was part of Jason DeRusha's (local TV personality, food writer and all-around pleasant human) "DeRusha Eats" series.

Easy Breezy Image

Easy Breezy


Memorial Day has come and gone and summer is finally here, so we're taking that as our invitation to pour a fresh menu of seasonal drinks. Guaranteed to be as fresh and breezy as the white linen suit you're now permitted to wear. Café Horchata Relax and refresh with a Café Horchata, our interpretation of the classic Latin American drink spiked with cold brewed coffee. Rice, almo…

Peace Coffee Opens an "Office" Downtown Image

Peace Coffee Opens an "Office" Downtown


Something exciting is brewing in downtown Minneapolis: we've just opened our second shop. This one's on the skyway level of the Capella Tower, complementing the lower level coffee bar that opened late last year. This new space brings exceptionally crafted Peace Coffee beverages, and our bright campy style together. We've collaborated with an all-star cast of local artists and designers t…

Peace Coffee is now a public benefit corporation Image

Peace Coffee is now a public benefit corporation


Since our beginnings, the good of our farmer partners has been at the heart of our business. Now we have made that official: On January 2nd, Peace Coffee became one of the first companies in the state to file as a Public Benefit Corporation under a new Minnesota law passed in the last legislative session. Minnesota joins at least 26 other states in the U.S. that define Public Benefit Corporati…

New Year Price Increase Image

New Year Price Increase


During 2014 our green (unroasted) coffee prices continued to rise and our direct costs to pay coffee farmers went up by double-digits. These costs increased for a number of reasons, including shortage concerns due to drought, climate change, and coffee rust - a fungus that drastically reduced the harvest for many of our farming partners. In response it’s become imperative that we rai…

Winter Warmer Image

Winter Warmer


Winter has arrived. Even if the sun is waiting a few weeks to make it official, the status updates of our collective boots leave no doubt as to the season. There's plenty to be said about our long, cold, dark winters, but cozy comfort food and tasty winter warmers are high points we can all agree on. This week our coffee shops release an exciting round of drinks for the winter and the upcoming…

Peace Coffee 2014 MN State Fair image

2014 MN State Fair Recap


This year at the great Minnesota get together, Peace Coffee partnered with Renewing the Countryside to sample delicious coffee to fairgoers every one of the 12 mornings of the fair! Our picturesque booth was in the healthy local foods area of the Eco Experience Building and from there we gave out nearly 10,000 cups of three of our classic favorites: Birchwood Breakfast Blend, Twin Cities Blend …

Hello New Shop Image

Hello New Shop

our shops


Our new shop is opening this weekend--if you're in the Twin Cities area, stop by for a cup, and to join in all the Grand Opening festivities at the new Lakewinds Food Co-op in Richfield. For our second location, we've embarked on an unique partnership with Lakewinds Food Co-op, marking the first time that a food co-op and a local roaster have come together to provide coffee to shoppers. F…

Now Available at Target Image

Now Available at Target


One of the most compelling stories for us at Peace Coffee is the story of our origin. If you’ve ever met me, you’ve likely heard me explain that we were born out of late-night conversations between Mexican coffee farmers and our parent organization, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP). The year was 1996, coffee prices were at all-time lows, and farmers stressed tha…

teaming up against rust Image

teaming up against rust

organic, sustainability


Anne Costello, Peace Coffee Director of Coffee

Perhaps you've seen headlines recently prophesying disaster in the coffeelands and the end of cheap coffee. It's not just hyperbole or a bunch of clickbait: a fungus is eating away at coffee crops. Coffee leaf rust, often referred to by its Spanish name, roya, is a fungus that attacks the leaves of the coffee tree, causing them to drop. Weakened plants produce lower yields and their cherrie…

Brew Method Demonstrations Image

Brew Method Demonstrations

our shops, quality


Have you been curious about using a V60, Chemex or French Press? Bring more flavor to your morning cup! Join us for a 4 part series of FREE Drop-In Brew Demonstrations at our coffee shop. Watch, practice, and perfect manual brewing methods with our talented baristas. Demo Dates:* Saturday March 22- Hario V60 Saturday April 5th- Chemex Saturday April 19th- French Press just added bonus, the…

How do you make your coffee stronger? Image

How do you make your coffee stronger?



Don't just throw in more grounds, join us in supporting Grow Ahead, pioneers of peer-to-peer lending in the coffee world. As a roaster partner, we've been challenged to recruit at least 50 new lenders at $50 each. Grow Ahead connects coffee drinkers with committed roasters to lend money to small-scale coffee farming cooperatives. The goal? To help build a sustainable truly fair global econ…

City Biking: Let's keep it fun & safe Image

City Biking: Let's keep it fun & safe

bicycles, events


Our bike delivery team is on the streets all year round in rain, snow, and blazing sun, racking up nearly 10,000 miles in the saddle each year. That dedication and years of experience made us an obvious choice for the City of Minneapolis when they were looking for a partner for a new bike safety initiative. This summer, look for a series of arty ads in bus kiosks reminding cyclists and drive…

Equal Love MN Image

Equal Love MN



We spend a lot of time working for fairness and justice all along the coffee supply chain, and we believe that those principles should apply to all. Legalizing same-sex marriage is an issue near and dear to our hearts here at Peace Coffee and one that issue's tireless advocates is the organization OutFront MN. The need for their advocacy for GLBT rights doesn't end with the marriage amendmen…

Fulton's 'War & Peace' Coffee Stout Image

Fulton's 'War & Peace' Coffee Stout



Imperial Stout infused with coffee beans? Yes, please. Minnesota winters build character. So do imperial stouts. Add dark roasted coffee beans to the mix, and you get a winter sipper worthy enough for even the heartiest Minnesotan. Three years ago our friends at Fulton Brewery asked for a coffee recommendation to add to their winter seasonal, The Worthy Adversary. Our head roaster suggest…

Our roastery location Image

Our roastery location


Our Roastery is located at: 2801 21st Avenue S., #130 Minneapolis, MN, 55407 Google Map + Directions hours M-F: 8 am-4 pm phone (612) 870-3440 call toll free 1-888-324-7872 fax (612) 252-1821

Introducing Mugshot Monday Image

Introducing Mugshot Monday



Have any cute coffee mugs lurking in the dust of your kitchen cabinet? Looking for a fun, creative weekly habit? We've got the contest for you! Our customer and good friend Karl Pearson-Cater has inspired us with his "Mugshot Monday" practice. For more than three years now he's been taking a photo of himself with a different mug every Monday and posting it on his blog Bigboxcar. Stories, refle…

Packaging Shift Image

Packaging Shift


For those of you who regularly order your Peace Coffee online, you will notice a packaging shift starting June 1st. You may recognize the package as our 12oz. bag, originally created to better fit onto grocery shelves. Now we're streamlining our lineup and bringing that bag to all of you. No window for the beans to peep through and a sturdy, square-cornered construction means fresher coffe…

The Art of Chemex Image

The Art of Chemex



Nikki Halverson, Customer Service All Star

You might be asking yourself, "What is the Peace Coffee crew doing brewing coffee with glass lab equipment?" This is the Chemex! All the rage back in the 1960s and '70s, this stellar piece of brewing equipment is back. Chemex’s history goes back to 1939 when Peter J. Schlumbohm, Ph.D (1896 - 1962), designed the Chemex. Born in Germany and a graduate of the University of Berlin, he…

Sharing Our Story Image

Sharing Our Story

farmer trips


Lee Wallace, Peace Coffee Queen Bean

There's a lot of conversation these days about our economy and the myriad ways in which it's broken. Whatever your policy solution, there's a wish that our humanity and our pocketbooks weren't so estranged from one another. How does one build an economy that values people and relationships? Last month our Queen Bean (a.k.a. CEO), Lee Wallace, explored that topic from the vantage point of…

Getting to Know Guatemala Image

Getting to Know Guatemala

farmer trips


Kyle Feldman, Peace Coffee Customer Service

Coffee has been so intertwined with American culture and routine for so long that it cannot help be taken for granted by most of those who rely on it for their daily dose of energy or pleasure, or their chance to relax. For many of us, it is easily accessible and not usually worth more mental, physical, or emotional consideration than making sure that it is the right temperature or strength to …

State Fair by the Numbers Image

State Fair by the Numbers



Peace Coffee Events Team

It sounds a little like the beginning of a perplexing word problem: If one member of our intrepid events team started setting out cups of coffee at 8:55am on August 25th and she laid 267 cups per hour, 12 days later at 9pm, how far would she have gotten? Turns out, it's a trick question. Had she done it alone, she would have left a trail of cups 1.52 miles long before she collapsed exhausted …

Hangin' at the State Fair Image

Hangin' at the State Fair



Peace Coffee Events Team

It's State Fair time again! Our events team is all abuzz for our biggest event of the year -- last year we gave out over 42,000 cups of coffee! It's not just big for us: we checked the numbers and, in terms of daily attendance numbers, Minnesota throws the biggest state fair of all the 50 states!* We think that calls for a little local pride, so this year we'll be brewing up our Twin Cities Bl…

Late Night Yeti Sighting Image

Late Night Yeti Sighting


Anna Canning, Peace Coffee Project Manager

What does a cryptozoological* creature have to do with a delicious cup of coffee? At first we tried to explain the mystery away: clearly, Yvonne the yeti and her friends had arrived in our muggy Minnesota summer to rescue us with their cooling super powers. Yet several years and umpteen delicious drinks later, the mystery remains. I was up too late the other night. Perhaps it was the heat, per…

Travels in the Birthplace of Coffee Image

Travels in the Birthplace of Coffee

farmer trips


Lee Wallace, Peace Coffee Queen Bean

In mid-November, I ventured to Ethiopia with fellow coffee travelers Monika Firl (producer relations, Cooperative Coffees) and Mark Glenn (co-owner of Conscious Coffees, based in Boulder, CO). This was my first trip to Africa, and I was really excited. There's also something incredibly meaningful for someone who works in coffee to travel to the birthplace of coffee. In addition to what I was …

Colombia Conversations Image

Colombia Conversations

farmer trips


Melanee Meegan, Peace Coffee Dir. of Marketing

I've been serving up a lot of our Colombian Heavy Pedal coffee at various bike events this summer. Heavy Pedal is a reference to the amount of weight that our bike deliverers pedal across town every day. As far as the delicious taste of the coffee, the credit is all due to the Fondo Paez Cooperative in Colombia. Earlier this year I visited the Páez farmers who grow this coffee in the cen…

Extraordinary Ethiopia Image

Extraordinary Ethiopia

farmer trips


Melanee Meegan, Peace Coffee Dir. of Marketing

Mid-winter at staff meetings, talk of farmer visits comes up on our agenda list. Peace Coffee has a rotating travel program, which gives all of its employees an opportunity to visit the coffee growers we buy from. We visit several farmer partners every year, although sometimes several years pass between visits to some of the coops further away. It had been three years since anyone from Peace Co…

Gayo Mountain Adventure Image

Gayo Mountain Adventure

farmer trips


Melanee Meegan, Peace Coffee Dir. of Marketing

In early March of this year I was fortunate enough to travel to Indonesia to visit our coffee partners in Sumatra. I landed in Medan, the third largest city in Indonesia, and drove immediately ten hours to Takengon, which sits on a tiny lake bordering the renowned Gayo Mountain coffee region. The dry processing plant for all of the Gayo farmers is located in Takengon and referred to as Trimaju.…

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20 years of Peace Coffee

We couldn't have made it this far without the hard work of our farmer partners around the world, our dedicated staff and you, our loyal customers. We can't wait to raise a mug with you as we celebrate our 20th year and many more to come! 1995 After conversations with coffee farmers in Mexico, our founding organization, The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), purchases a contain…

2014 year in review

Thank you for your support this year—we truly couldn't do it without you.

5 ways we’re a sustainable coffee roaster Image

5 ways we’re a sustainable coffee roaster

Earth Day is hands down one of our favorite days and we're thrilled to offer 20% off some of our earth-friendliest products, check them out below! Since 2017, we’ve doubled down on our promise to do everything we can to increase our sustainability as a coffee roaster and minimize impact along the coffee supply chain. We purchased organic coffee from over 700 family farms, where farmers…

Bring Peace Coffee to your next meeting or event! Image

Bring Peace Coffee to your next meeting or event!

Whether it's a small meeting of a few people, or a large gathering of several hundred, the delicious coffee and fresh baked goods you enjoy at our shops are available to go. Our Wonderland Park and Capella Tower Skyway locations offer full-service catering and can provide everything you need, from cups to cream, to make your event a smooth success! Our Capella Tower 1st Floor Kiosk has a more …

Cafe and restraurant Program Image

Cafe and restraurant Program

organic, quality

If you're running a cafe or restaurant, you know that good coffee is just the beginning of a successful beverage program. Thankfully, so do we. We've been serving cafes, restaurants, deli's, and major universities for over a decade. Additionally, our flagship coffee shop in Minneapolis' Longfellow neighborhood was named the Best Coffee Shop in the Twin Cities in 2013 by City Pages' and one of…

Combatting Coffee Leaf Rust Image

Combatting Coffee Leaf Rust

Oscar Omar Alonzo Aguilar farms coffee on a plot of land alongside his brother in Honduras. Oscar’s coffee is thriving while his brother’s crop struggles. The brothers are growing coffee in a region highly affected by climate change – one result of this climate change is the dramatic increase in a destructive parasitic fungus called Hemileia Vastatrix, also known as coffee lea…

Delicious Pangoa Coffee Image

Delicious Pangoa Coffee

Tucked away in the central Amazon region of Peru, just east of the Andean mountain range, you’ll find the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa headquarters. Founded 40 years ago by a group of 50 farmers, Pangoa represents one of our longest trading relationships and stands as an example of the benefits that well-managed cooperatives can give their members. See all of our offerings with …

East Lake Open Streets 2016 Image

East Lake Open Streets 2016

While we love visiting with friends old and new at the various Open Streets festivals around the city, the East Lake Street version always feels like a homecoming. As part of our celebration of the beautiful community that runs along East Lake Street from the river to the highway, we’ve invited Longfellow neighborhood artist extraordinaire JAO to perform her band of wildly expressive spee…

Experience Minnehaha Ave. Image

Experience Minnehaha Ave.

On October 24th gather your friends, family and neighbors for a day — and night — of fun to support local businesses that have been effected by the road construction along Minnehaha Ave! Start the event off listening to live music from Saint Paul Mudsteppers at our shop from noon to 2pm. Afterward begin your search for the Great Golden Pumpkin. Finally end your evening enjoying fre…

Fundraiser Program Image

Fundraiser Program


Whatever your cause, we know you'll meet your goals faster when fully caffeinated! Our selection of quality coffee, tea, and cocoa is easy to sell and works great for mission-aligned fundraising. All coffees are 100% fair trade, certified organic, and shade grown. No minimum orders, simple ordering systems, and good ethics makes it easy to buy. Fill out a wholesale information request and…

Media Info page

Hello! Thanks for checking in! Peace Coffee is a Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to making exceptional-tasting, organic fair-trade coffee that supports the people that grow, roast, and sell it, and preserves and protects the environment that produces it. Our values include quality, sustainability, community, individuality, and also, transparency so if you cannot find what you n…

Mugs of Love promotional image

Mugs of Love: 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Warm the hands and hearts of those you love with holiday treats from Peace Coffee ’Tis the season with oh so many reasons to give gifts. A bag of Peace Coffee is a timeless hostess gift for any occasion, but some festive gatherings call for an extra special gesture. For this holiday season, we rounded up some of our most popular offerings from past years and added some fresh local finds…

Peace Pedaling Image

Peace Pedaling


Peace Coffee delivers via bike to our local wholesale accounts wherever possible. Every day, in any weather, they'll be out hauling 350 lb. trailers across Minneapolis and St. Paul to deliver beans without a drop of gasoline. Our commitment to bike delivery started in the early days of our business: Before we could afford a delivery vehicle, it was simply more fun to hop on a bike with some b…

Perennial Plate: There is only coffee Image

Perennial Plate: There is only coffee

Our friends at the Perennial Plate have created the next best thing to a trip to the origin of coffee. Last winter, Queen Bean Lee accompanied them on a tour of the Sidama region of Ethiopia to visit with our partners at the Sidama Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU). With the assistance of our colleagues at Cooperative Coffees, they spent several days interviewing farmers and co-op staff. The …

turkish coffee and cezve

The Art of Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee—that thick, sweet, gritty, tiny cup—has a preparation that hints at its ancient origins. One of the oldest methods of coffee preparation still in use today, its simplicity allows for accuracy without the precise instruments that we've grown accustomed to. And besides, it's a delicious way to taste how coffee might have tasted at its beginnings. The ultra-fine grind…

We have reason to celebrate! Image

We have reason to celebrate!

For 20 years, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to bringing you quality fair trade organic coffee from small-producer farms around the globe. We have formed some very effective and transformative relationships with farmers over those years, but we also want to take time this year to focus on our local partners who carry our message by serving coffee beyond our reach. As the first of …

Wonderland Park Community Room Image

Wonderland Park Community Room

Our flagship location, Wonderland Park, features space for classes to take your coffee skills to the next level. The training lab/community room can also be rented to host your next meeting or gathering. Guidelines for community room: - Call to reserve 612.877.7760 - Provide a name and a phone number to secure reservation - Minimum of 5 participants, capped at 15 - $25 Minimum group purchase -…

the coffees they are a changin' Image

the coffees they are a changin'

Hi. We are sorry to say the coffee you are looking for is no longer part of our lineup. As of May 1, 2017 we discontinued Guatemalan Light, Mexican Dark, Sumatran Full City, and Split Decision. Read our recent blog about our coffee lineup shuffle, and check the list below for recommendations of what will hopefully become your new favorite Peace Coffee brew. If you liked... Guatemalan Ligh…

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Creating an account on our website is hassle-free and it helps us serve you better. With an account, you can see the status of your orders as well as your purchase history. We also keep your addresses on file so that you don't have to re-enter that information the next time you shop online. Creating an account doesn't mean that we collect any additional personal information from you, and w…

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