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Pryes Brewing Unites With Peace Coffee To Craft A New Beer

“Peace Offering” is the latest member of Pryes Brewing Signature Series

February 22, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS – Local craft brewery Pryes Brewing Company has come together with another Twin Cities favorite, fair trade coffee roasters Peace Coffee, to create a cold press coffee stout that will impress coffee lovers and beer aficionados alike. The joint effort – Peace Offering – taps into a long history of people coming together over a mug of coffee or pint of beer. 

Peace Offering, part of the Pryes Brewing Signature Series, is a silky smooth cold press stout, featuring notes of cocoa, caramel, and fresh brewed cold press coffee, with a 5.8 percent alcohol content and 28 IBUs. Brewed with Peace Coffee Yeti Cold Brew Blend, the cold press stout is on tap at Pryes Brewery beginning today and available soon in pint cans at regional liquor stores, and on draft at select bars and restaurants throughout the Twin Cities metro area. 

“A peace offering is ‘a gift for the purpose of promoting peace or reconciliation,’ which we think is perfect for this particular beverage, at this particular time,” says Lee Wallace, CEO, Peace Coffee. “Pryes and Peace share a belief the world can be a calmer place.  The union of their beer and our coffee offers drinkers the opportunity to come together to enjoy something both unique and delicious.”

“Coffee and beer typically mark the beginning and end of one’s day here in Minnesota,” says Jeremy Pryes, head brewer and founder, Pryes Brewing Company. “The cafe and the taproom are beloved communal spaces, where drinks are shared among people from all walks and backgrounds. Peace Offering bridges the gap between the two venues, enabling beer and coffee drinkers to share a smile or conversation, any time of day. Whether that be at a quiet table in a restaurant, across a bonfire from an old friend, or while listening to records in the comfort of one’s own home– the possibilities are as boundless as the day is long.”

About Pryes Brewing Company
Located along the Mississippi River in North Minneapolis, Pryes Brewing Company was founded in 2012 by Jeremy Pryes, a home brewer who spent years perfecting his recipes before launching his first beer to the public. Jeremy’s passion for brewing came from his love of building things from scratch, his culinary arts background and his first-hand experiences with the local brewing scene. Driven by the understanding how things are built, Jeremy created a meticulous brewing methodology, tracking, measuring and altering the most minute ingredient levels to create award-winning small-batch beers.

About Peace Coffee
Since 1996, Peace Coffee has been In It For Good, forging lasting, beneficial partnerships with farmer cooperatives and the community while bringing goodness to mugs across our region. During its 25 years in business, Peace has purchased over five million pounds of green coffee from small-scale farmer cooperatives in 12 countries. The socially conscious coffee roasting company is a Certified B Corp, bringing transparency to the coffee industry while delivering expertly roasted, small batch organic coffee (often via bicycle in the Twin Cities) to its many fans across the Midwest.


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