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Peace Coffee Releases Colombia Single Origin Coffee

Organic, fair trade roaster’s latest offering delivers a unique, delicious roast from one geographic source

April 19, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS —  Responsible, sustainable certified B Corp coffee brand Peace Coffee for the first time in more than a decade is introducing a new single origin blend in its core lineup: Colombia Single Origin, a medium roast coffee from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. This luscious and leisurely single origin coffee hits store shelves in mid-April and will also be available online.

“Colombia built a reputation for delicious coffee produced by one fictional farmer popularized in TV commercials years ago, but the truth is Colombia’s thousands of smallholder farmers grow unparalleled coffee year after year,” says Lee Wallace, CEO of Peace Coffee, “It’s so exciting to see — and taste — what our roaster has done with these beans. This coffee is from family farmer partners in northern Colombia — and by selling this roast, Peace Coffee is helping that community grow with a fair and sustainable trade relationship.”

“Single Origin coffees are especially fun for coffee geeks— you get a sense of exactly what a particular region’s characteristics are, and what different types of coffees taste like on their own,” says Jessica Yockey, head roaster and quality control manager at Peace Coffee. “These beans, sourced from the ANEI Cooperative in northern Colombia, make an incredible brew — pleasantly balanced with notes of chocolate, brown sugar, vanilla, malt, and cherry.” 

Since 1996, Peace Coffee has been In It For Good. In its nearly 25 years in business, Peace has purchased just over 10 million pounds of green coffee from small-scale farmer cooperatives in more than 12 countries. In 2020, ninety-eight percent of its coffee came from cooperatives that Peace Coffee has had relationships with for more than five years. Three cents a pound for every pound Peace Coffee buys goes into coffee climate and carbon initiatives. The socially conscious coffee roasting company is a Certified B Corp, bringing transparency to the coffee industry while delivering expertly roasted, small batch organic coffee (often via bicycle in the Twin Cities) to its many fans in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Chicago area. The beans for its blends come from farmer-owned cooperatives in Sumatra, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Ethiopia, Colombia, Congo, and Honduras. Visit to learn more and follow Peace Coffee on Instagram and Twitter to get updates on the global coffee trade, and on the newest Peace Coffee blends. 


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