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Peace Coffee Finds its Voice with Bolder Brand Identity

With a growing number of coffee consumers catching up to its vision, the socially conscious roaster introduces new message: In It For Good.

February 28, 2020

MINNEAPOLIS — Organic and fair trade coffee company Peace Coffee is evolving, with plans for expansion and a new brand identity including refreshed packaging. The new design, by St. Paul-based Werner Design Werks, communicates Peace Coffee’s socially conscious brand values more clearly to retail customers with the language “Organic and Fair Trade” featured prominently, as well as a new tagline: “Peace Coffee. In It For Good.”

“We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved since 1996, when we started building a business with the novel principle that we could do good — while making a profit,” said Lee Wallace, Peace Coffee CEO, co-owner and Queen Bean. “After decades of investing in our relationships with the farmer-owned cooperatives that supply our beans, the loyal employees who expertly roast and bicycle-deliver our blends in the Twin Cities, and the consumers who trust us to deliver a great-tasting cup of coffee, we’re ready to take our business to the next level. Mainstream culture is asking the questions we asked ourselves years ago, and we’re ready with an answer.”

The new brand identity will be key in communicating Peace Coffee values to prospective customers. The Harvard Business Review recently cited a survey that found 65 percent of consumers wanted to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability, yet only about 26 percent actually do so. In the 2019 Conscious Consumer Spending Index, 40 percent of Americans said a lack of knowledge about where to find socially responsible products and services is preventing them from doing more good, and that if they turned to a source of information to evaluate whether a company was doing good work, it was probably the product packaging.

“Our bold new brand identity clearly identifies us as a fair-trade, organic coffee company, making it the first thing prospective consumers learn about us,” said Wallace. “We intend to make the most of the growing consumer interest in ethical consumption. This is a big moment for Peace Coffee.”

Lee Wallace bought Peace Coffee with co-investor Kent Pilakowski in 2018 after twelve years leading the company. Over 24 years in business, Peace has purchased more than five million pounds of green coffee from small-scale farmer cooperatives in more than 12 countries. In 2019, ninety-eight percent of its coffee came from cooperatives that Peace Coffee has had relationships with for more than five years. Three cents a pound for every pound Peace Coffee buys goes into coffee climate and carbon initiatives.

Since 1996, Peace Coffee has been In It For Good. The socially-conscious coffee roasting company is a Certified B Corp, bringing transparency to the coffee industry while delivering expertly roasted, small batch organic coffee (often via bicycle in the Twin Cities) to its many fans in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Chicago area and beyond. The beans for its blends, which include customer favorites like Tree Hugger, Twin Cities, and Birchwood, come from farmer-owned cooperatives in Sumatra, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Ethiopia, Colombia, Congo, and Honduras.


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