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APECAFORM--Asociación de Pequeños Caficultores Orgánicos Maya-mames

San Felipe, Pueblo Nuevo, Guatemala



APECAFORM--Asociación de Pequeños Caficultores Orgánicos Maya-mames Image

Date Established


Active Members


Average Farm Size

.5 - 1 hectares

Coffee Varieties

Typica, Catuai, Caturra & Bourbon


1,200-1,800 meters above sea level

Harvest Time


"After the meeting, we toured a small but bustling coffee processing and roasting facility, which the co-op's women's group operates. It is a chance for the women to have productive employment and also for the co-op to diversify income by making use of the coffee that is non-export quality, by packaging it for sale to restaurants, cafés and markets in San Marcos.

The next day, after being awoken first by a small earthquake, and then by the incessant local roosters, we were treated to an amazing breakfast of Tepejilote (locally grown, bitter vegetable) soup cooked over a wood-fire stove at the home of farmer Juan de Dios Perez in Pueblo Nuevo, after which we hiked out in a muggy heat over a long and winding road to visit few nearby farms owned by co-op members.

Standing on slopes on which it was difficult to keep balance, we learned of the intensity of the labor involved in maintaining an organic coffee farm -- the endless cycles of planting, picking, and pruning. After drinking coffee for 16 years, the last three of which I worked behind a desk at a coffee company, it was my first chance to touch the waxy leaves of the plant that supports my job, as well as my mental and emotional health, and keeps our customers in caffeinated bliss.  It was truly a moment to savor."

Kyle Feldman, Peace Coffee Customer Service 

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