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Peace Coffee Water Bottle

Peace Coffee Water Bottle — 


What is it?
A water bottle made just for filling with our Yeti Cold Press to get your day started right. Of course you can also fill with water to stay hydrated on a long bike ride.

How do you use it?
Fill with delicious beverage of your choice, add ice, perhaps even pop in the freezer to chill—just don't forget to screw the lid on!

What is it made of?
Freezable, squeezable FDA-approved, BPA FREE, LDPE #4 food grade plastic.

Is it coffee proof?
Exceptionally coffee-proof, this bottle can also go through the dishwasher when needed.

Where does it come from?
Featuring the fun coffee and bike icons from our ringmaster of design, Haley Johnson. These bottles are made in the U.S.A. by Specialized.

How big is it?
Holds 21 oz. of liquid, it fits just right in a bike water bottle cage.

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