Espresso Blend

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We start with a definition: Crema. The elusive pinnacle of a shot of espresso. Scientifically amazing, it's nothing short of phenomenal on your tongue. Our roasters formulated this espresso from a careful blend of beans to deliver a luscious, caramelly shot of espresso topped by a thick, creamy layer of the good stuff.

We're happy to talk about the specs that might make this miracle happen on your own espresso machine. While you're experimenting, go ahead and brew up a cup with whatever equipment you have handy—it's a smooth and sweet cup with just a hint of sweetness.

Recommended Brew Specs:

Coffee Dose: 8 grams (16 grams for a double)

Temperature: 195-205 degrees

Extraction Time: 25-30 seconds

Finished Shot: 25-35ml (.85-1.2oz [x2 for a double])








cardamom, wine, dried herbs, & dark chocolate

Notes from the Lab:

caramel, vanilla, stone fruit, & toasted oats

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fair trade coffee origins

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