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Functional and totally travel-proof, the Aeropress is a speedy way to make coffee—take the time required to boil water, add 60 seconds, and you've got a cup of coffee that's thick, rich, but never gritty.

Some of the coffee fanatics on our staff travel with this and a hand grinder to guarantee that they've got perfect coffee in the mountains of Peru, in a beach cottage, or wherever adventure takes them. Compact and easy to clean up, it's the ultimate go-anywhere brewing solution!

things you will need

  • An Aeropress (with its included funnel, scoop, and stir paddle)

  • A mug that can comfortably hold at least 8 oz of liquid

  • A way to boil water

things you will want

  • A Scale

  • A high quality burr grinder

step 1

Bring 250 mL / 9 oz of water to a boil. Remove it from heat once it boils and set aside.

Protip: If using a scale, no need to measure the water in a measuring cup. Just boil some water and when it’s time to add it to the brewer, simply set it on your scale and pour until it reads 250g. One gram of water is equal to one mL of water because the metric system is amazing.

step 2

Wet a filter in the filter holder; attach it to the aeropress and set it on top of your mug. If the mug is too narrow to comfortably rest the aeropress on top of it, use the funnel.

step 3

Grind 15 grams coffee very finely, roughly to the consistency of powdered sugar.

step 4

Add the coffee to the aeropress and slowly pour the just-off-boil water onto the coffee (this should take about 15 seconds).

Protip: If you don’t have a timer handy, it generally takes 15 seconds to sing “Happy Birthday”.

step 5

Stir the coffee gently with the paddle for 30 seconds.

Protip: If you don’t have a timer handy it takes roughly 30 seconds to sing the theme from “Friends” without the guitar intro or outro.

step 6

Allow the coffee to sit for an additional 15 seconds (or as long as it takes to take the paddle over to your sink, rinse it, and dry it).

step 7

Remove the aeropress and mug from the scale (if using) and slowly press the coffee through the grounds with the plunger.

step 8

Remove the aeropress from the mug, remove the filter holder and press the grounds into your compost pile. Enjoy your coffee!

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