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Fondo Paez

La Placa, Cauca Region, Colombia



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Date Established


Active Members


Average Farm Size

2.5 hectares

Coffee Varieties

Bourbon, Typica, & Castillo


1,900-2,100 meters above sea level

Harvest Time


"Felicano Troquez expressed his happiness that we were able to see how they live. He takes pride in their organization because they care so much for mother earth in all they do. He says that coffee is just a plant and that as indigenous people they care for everything, like the water, the land and each coffee plant because it is all part of the earth. They need to care for it because no one else will. He said: 'We can only provide for ourselves. If we use chemicals, we won't see any goodness.'" 

-Melanee Meegan, Peace Coffee Director of Marketing

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